Enterprise Foundry, Inc.
With the traditions of the past... We meet the needs of the future!
Suppliers of high quality gray and ductile iron castings to industries throughout the Eastern United States and Canada.

A Family Tradition of Excellence

Enterprise Foundry, Inc., a family owned business located in Lewiston, Maine, was founded by Cyrille and Aurore Legendre in 1921. The second generation brothers John, Raymond and Norman took over management of the company from the mid-1940s to the late 1980s. An expansion program began in 1963, and in 1973 a transition from cupola to electric induction melting took place.

Now the third generation, Paul, Richard and Roland continue the tradition of excellence with an organization that includes trained supervisors, technicians and a highly competent labor force.

Enterprise and the Legendre family continue to maintain high quality standards and service. With the traditions of family and attention to detail, we look forward to many more years of service for our valued customers.

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